Game #87


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2nd Round

FA Cup 2nd Round

Notts County

Trent Bridge

Attendance: 15,000

Saturday, 1 February 1890

Dennis Hodgetts scored but Villa bring their League form to the Cup as they are knocked out by Notts amid some controversy.

Notts County


Aston Villa

Scorer(s) | Dennis Hodgetts |

Assist(s) | Albert Brown |


Game #87

Season | 1889-90 |
Matchday | #22 |
Manager Game | #61 |
Saturday, 1 February 1890


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 1-4 |
FT Result | Lost |
Last 5 Games | LLWLL |




Notts County

🟨 | Booking
🟥 | Sending off
💥+ | Incidents e.g. penalty awarded

💥- | Incidents e.g. penalty conceded, goal disallowed

💥 | Incidents e.g. refused clear pen

🆘 | Notably poor refereeing performance    


[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 24.85 |

Oldest Player |
F Albert Brown | 28.09 |

Youngest Player |
CB Jimmy Cowan | 21.31 |


Billy Dickson returns and Bill Dickie makes his debut as James Connor and Jack Graham make way.


Not recorded


Not recorded


George Ramsay led Management Committee



GK Jimmy Warner |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
D Gershom Cox |
D Frank Coulton |
M Jack Burton |
M Bill Dickie |
W Lewis Campbell |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Albert Allen |
F Albert Brown |
CF Billy Dickson |


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


Toone, McLean, Macmillan, Ferguson, Calderhead, Shelton, May (g) (g), McInnes, Oswald Ja (g), Oswald Jo, Daft.

Secretary Manager: Edwin Browne.

ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


Villa lose to County in the FA Cup second round amid protests as to the independence of the officials as Bill Dickie makes his sole appearance for Villa aged 22 after joining from Walsall Swifts. Dickie would later move on to Darlaston FC.

Dennis Hodgetts scored Villa's goal, Saturday, 1 February 1890

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Goal, 0-1, (Notts County)
Goal, 0-2, (Notts County), James Oswald
Goal, 0-3, (Notts County), May
HT Notts County 3-0 Aston Villa
Goal, 1-3, Dennis Hodgetts, Assist by Albert Brown
Goal, 1-4, (Notts County), May
FT Notts County 4-1 Aston Villa



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"Dickson had a good chance, but his shot was so easy that a, schoolboy might have stopped it."

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*Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday, 3 February 1890


When the result of the draw for the second round of the English Cup became known it was at once seen that the most exciting match would be that between Aston Villa and Notts County, presuming, of course, that the a latter team defeated St. George's.

As is well known, they accomplished this task, and the Villa committee, fully alive to the fact that the Notts were a very powerful team, picked their best available eleven, and sent them into strict training.

The County did not hold the Villa cheaply, and sent their strongest eleven to a hydropathic establishment at Ashover.

The consequence was that both teams were fit and well when they met each other at the Trent Bridge Grounds, Nottingham.

As is well known, the County beat the Villa by 4 goals to 1, but that total does not nearly represent the play, which on the whole was fairly even.

It must be admitted however, that the Villa are not such a smart team as their opponents, who on paper look almost unapproachable.

No fewer than seven Scotchmen, and all of them men with a great reputation over the border, are included in the Notts eleven, and the remaining four players are all clever footballers.

Had Notts had anything like the good fortune with their men this season they would undoubtedly have held a prominent position in the League, but through illness and accident they have not been able to always place their strongest eleven on the field.

Their two league matches against the Villa were most exciting games, and both ended in draws.

Such keen rivalry naturally attracted a great deal of attention to the match, and when the ball was kicked off there were about fifteen thousand persons present.

The County had the advantage of a slight breeze, but the ground favoured neither side.

Dickson kicked off, and through a misunderstanding between the County’s backs the Villa forwards ran well into goal.

Campbell centred to Allen, who had the goal at his mercy, but, amidst a, prolonged "Oh " from the Birmingham portion of the crowd, he kicked the ball wildly over the bar.

From the goal-kick the County forwards tried to get away, but Cowan tricked James Oswald, and Campbell made a very pretty run, but shot wide.

The Villa forwards, passing beautifully, completely non-plussed the County's half-backs, but their shooting was as usual, very weak.

Dickson had a good chance, but his shot was so easy that a schoolboy might have stopped it, and Toone threw the ball out.

The Notts forwards tried hard to change the aspect of the game, but the Villa half-backs, Cowan especially, played remarkably well, and beat back all attacks.

Macmillan kicked away a splendid shot from Dickson, and the right wing of the County then beat Burton, and ran up to the Villa goal. Coulton cleared, however, and once more the Villa attacked.

Campbell, who was playing a very useful game, centered, and Allen turned the, ball into goal. The shot however, was by no means difficult enough and Toones threw the ball out.

A moment later the goalkeeper saved again, and then Notts, who so far had by far the worst of the game, rushed at headlong speed towards the Villa goal.

James Oswald passed to Daft, but the ball went out near the corner.

The throw-in was given to Notts, Shelton centred, and from a, scrimmage the home team scored the first goal amidst tremendous cheering.

From the centre-kick another attack was made by Daft and John Oswald, and Coulton, miss-kicking badly, almost let the Notts in a second time, Mclnnes shooting but a few inches too high.

The Villa forwards worked the ball down by some very nice passing but Dickson shot straight into Toone's hands, and he threw the ball away.

Then Notts tried to score, and a, warm scrimmage in front of the Villa's goal ended in a corner kick which proved unproductive.

The Villa, forwards again worked their way down the field, and Brown secured an opening. but shot a few inches too high.

Another shot from Campbell also skimmed the bar, but playing with, great persistence the Villa kept the ball in the Notts goal, and from a centre by Campbell, Hodgetts scored.

An appeal was made for offside and was allowed.

This seemed to dishearten the Villa, and the forwards played with lees confidence.

The result was that Notts attacked, and Calderhead directed the ball into goal. A scrimmage ensued, and James Oswald scored a second goal for Notts amidst great cheering.

After another attack by Notts the Villa forwards pressed, and Toone saved three fine shots.

Keeping the ball in the Notts half the Villa tried hard to score but failed, whereas just on half-time the County forwards dashed down the field again, Daft centred, and May scored a third goal.

The Villa appealed against the point on the ground that James Oswald fouled the ball, but the referee was not called upon to give a decision, as the umpires agreed.

At half time, the Villa officials, who felt anything but satisfied with the decisions, laid a protest with Mr. M. P. Betts on the grounds that Mr. H. T. Ashwell was not chosen as an umpire by the Association and is connected with the County.

On recommencing the Villa played up strongly, and the game was confined for some few minutes to the immediate neighbourhood of the County's goal.

Campbell, who had played a, very useful game, throughout, made a good shot, but the ball was just too high.

Both goals were assaulted in turn, but without result.

Daft made a couple of very fine runs but could not centre on either occasion.

Hodgetts failed to take a good pass when the Villa had worked the ball up, and Maclnnes, who was always on the ball, was soon sprinting towards the Villa goal. He shot, but Warner saved well.

The Villa, playing very determinedly, once more pressed, and Macmillan gave a corner kick. The ball was well placed by Brown, and Hodgetts scored the Villa's first point.

Shortly afterwards play was stopped through James Oswald being kicked. He resumed play, limping, and Notts had a free kick in the centre of the ground. Cox cleared, but Daft ran the ball back only to kick it wildly outside.

The pace had told its tale on the men, and the play became very inferior to that in the first half.

Mclnnes, however, on the Notts side played as well as ever, and as the result of his efforts a fourth goal was made, May beating Warner with a grand shot.

Play for a few moments was very equal and then the Villa had the best of it but their effects were very spiritless, the men being worn.

The game, in fact, during the last ten minutes was very slow, and as nothing further was done, so that Notts won the match by 4, goals to 1.

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