Game #185

Division One

Victoria Ground

Attendance: 4,000

Monday, 16 October 1893




Aston Villa

Scorer(s) | Own Goal, Charlie Athersmith, Charlie Athersmith

Assists(s) | Not recorded


Game #185

Season | 1893-94 |
Matchday | #10 |
League Match | #10 |
Manager Game | #159 |
Monday, 16 October 1893


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 3-3 |
FT Result | Drew |
Last 5 Games | DLWDD |


Starting XI Average Age
| 25.08 |

Oldest Player |
F Dennis Hodgetts | 29.90 |

Youngest Player |
W Charlie Athersmith | 21.45 |


Three changes for Villa from the team that drew with bottom club Darwen. John Baird misses out with Jim Elliott returning for the first time in 6 games, James Gillan drops out, Bob Chatt comes in, Willie Groves misses the game as Charlie Hare is recalled.


Not recorded


Not recorded





GK Bill Dunning |
FB Jim Elliott |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
FB Jimmy Welford |
M Jack Reynolds |
W Albert Woolley |
W Charlie Athersmith |
F Jack Devey |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Bob Chatt |
F Charlie Hare |


ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


[Exact timings not recorded]
25’ Goal, 0-1, (Stoke)
26’ Goal, 1-1, Own Goal, Clare
29’ Goal, 2-1, Charlie Athersmith, Assist by Albert Woolley
40’ Goal, 2-2, (Stoke)
HT Stoke 2-2 Aston Villa
75’ Goal, 3-2, Charlie Athersmith,
87’ Goal, 3-3, (Stoke)
FT Stoke 3-3 Aston Villa


Villa drew for the second game in succession to leave them with four wins in 10 games and no clean sheets.


Charlie Athersmith, scored a brace, Monday, 16 October 1893


*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Tuesday 17 October 1893



For the second time this season these old rivals played off a fixture in the first division of the League competition, the contest taking place on the Victoria Athletic Ground, Stoke-on-Trent in the presence of about 5,000 spectators.

Although on the last occasion Stoke suffered a decided defeat to the tune of five goals, much interest was evinced in the present encounter, and as both teams might be regarded as fairly representative, the anticipation that the game would be a good one was fully realised.

The following were the teams :-

Stoke: Evans, goal; Clare, Dickson, backs; Christie, Procter, Brodie, half-backs; Naughton, J.E. Evans, Robertson. Schofield, McReddie, forwards.

Aston Villa: Dunning, goal; Elliott, Welford, backs; Reynolds, Cowan, Chatt, half-backs; Athersmith, Hare, Devey, Woolley, Hodgetts, forwards.

Referee Mr. Jeffries, Derby.

Three minutes after the advertised time Stoke, having lost the toss, kicked off, and at once taking the ball towards the Villa goal compelled Elliott to concede a corner.

This yielded nothing, but Stoke kept the sphere in the vicinity of the visitors’ goal, and a dangerous attack was frustrated by the Villa custodian.

Schofield on the home out-side left, made a capital run, but his centre was very weak.

The visitors now bore down on the home goal in a determined manner, a run by Hodgetts and Woolley proving very threatening. Evans, the Stoke custodian, fisted out, and a second shot by Hare was similarly treated, after which Athersmith followed up by hitting the cross-bar.

For some little time after this the bulk of the play was in the Stoke territory, the home team being compelled to act on the defensive.

At the end of about twenty minutes’ play Reynolds was called upon by the referee to change his jersey, in consequence of his colours being somewhat similar to those worn by Stoke.

After a slight interval, Schofield again distinguished himself on the left wing, but he once more misjudged his centre.

The Villa forwards quickly ran the ball down the ground, but Woolley was stopped by Clare, who returned the leather to mid-field, and his forwards taking possession rushed it up towards the Villa goal.

Evans having got it under control made a grand shot which leaned it into the net, the first point thus being obtained by Stoke after twenty-five minutes play.

Directly after the ball had been once more set in motion the Villa took it into the home quarters; Athersmith passed to Hare, and the latter put it on to Clare, with the result that the Stoke back sent it through his own goal, the scores thereby being equalised.

Immediately afterwards the Villa again attacked, and within a few minutes of their first success Athersmith gave them the lead from a centre by Woolley.

The game continued to be keenly contested, the ball travelling quickly from end to end of the ground.

About five minutes before the interval the score was once more equalised, Robertson, out of a scrimmage in front of the Villa goal, putting the ball beneath the crossbar.

At half-time the score was 2 goals each.

On play being resumed the Stoke forwards got possession of the ball, but were not allowed to keep it long. Dickson stopped a dangerous onslaught and then Elliott averted a dangerous attack by Schofield.

The game became very exciting, both teams fighting hard for supremacy.

Clare luckily intercepted a shot from the Villa right wing, as did Dickson directly afterwards. The pressure was then relieved, and Schofield had a chance from the left wing, but he shot the ball high over the crossbar, a manoeuvre which was repeated by Evans a minute later.

The Villa then gradually worked the ball up towards the Stoke goal, when Athersmith also shot it too high from the right.

Stoke next got a corner, end a goal very nearly resulted, Dunning just getting the ball away in the nick of time.

The Villa followed by obtaining a corner, but it proved unproductive, Welford now got winded, but not seriously, and after a few minutes’ delay the game was resumed, and for a time continued to be of a very even character.

Clare averted the downfall of the Stoke goal when the Villa appeared certain to score, and a second attack by the latter was frustrated by Dickson heading the ball away out of the mouth of the goal.

The visitors, however, continued to press very hard, and out of a hot scrimmage in front of goal the ball was headed through once more riveting the Villa the lead.

Devey next shot outside by a few inches, and Schofield on the other side finished up a good run by putting the ball over the crossbar.

The Villa received a corner, but made nothing of it, and directly afterwards from a grand run Robertson scored for Stoke, and once more placed the game on an equal footing.

Stoke were still pressing when the final whistle sounded, and a capital game ended in a draw of 3 goals each.
*Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser*
Tuesday 17 October 1893

Stoke v. Aston Villa.

Played at Stoke, before 4,000 spectators, and in summer like weather. Both sides were fairly representative. Playing with the sun in their faces Stoke were the first to press, and Evans scored in 25 minutes.

Directly afterwards, attempting to clear from Athersmith, Clare put through his own goal.

Athersmith added a second for the Villa two minutes later, and Robertson again equalised.

Half-time score: Stoke, two goals; Aston Villa, two goals.

Aston Villa opened the second half strongly, but could not score until 15 minutes from the close, when Athersmith put them ahead, Robertson equalised three minutes from the close. Final Score: Aston Villa 3 Stoke 3