Notts County


Aston Villa

Scorer(s) | Billy Dickson | 30' |

Assist(s) | Not recorded

Game #102

Football League

Trent Bridge

Attendance: 4,000

Saturday, 29 November 1890



Game #102

Season | 1890-91 |
Matchday | #13 |
League Match | #13 |
Manager Game | #76 |
Saturday, 29 November 1890


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 1-7 |
FT Result | Lost |
Last 5 Games | WDWWL |


[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 25.01 |

Oldest Player |
D Harry Devey | 30.74 |

Youngest Player |
M George Campbell | 19.84 |


Villa name an unchanged line up from the team that beat Bolton last time out.


Not recorded


Not recorded




Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 00.17.05.png


GK Jimmy Warner |
FB Walter Evans |
D Gershom Cox |
D Harry Devey |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
M George Campbell |
M James Brown |
F Albert Brown |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Jack Graham |
CF Billy Dickson |


ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


[Exact timings not recorded]
Goal, 0-1, (Notts County)
+4’ Goal, 0-2, (Notts County)
26’ Goal, 0-3, (Notts County)
27’ Goal, 0-4, (Notts County)
30’ Goal, 1-4, Billy Dickson
HT Notts County 4-1 Aston Villa
Goal, 1-5, (Notts County)
85’ Goal, 1-6, (Notts County)
Goal, 1-7, (Notts County)
FT Notts County 7-1 Aston Villa


Villa's 5 game unbeaten run came crashing down against a rampant Notts side.



*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday 01 December 1890



The return League match between these clubs was played on the Trent Bridge Ground in the presence of nearly 5,000 spectators. Every exertion had been made by the Notts Executive to clear the enclosure of snow, and not a vestige of it could be seen within the boundaries of the field of play, whilst the stands and approaches had also been cleared. Owing to the thaw which had taken place during the morning the ground was somewhat heavy and sticky, but still a very fast game was played.

The Villa put their full team in the field, but Notts were without Calderhead, who is away in Scotland endeavouring to obtain more recruits. His place was very ably filled by C. Shelton.

Kicking off Notts at once forced the pace, and they had all the best of the opening exchanges. Devey handled close in, and from the ensuing free kick the ball was neatly headed out.

A Brown and Cowan got nicely away along the right, and the former's final effort went straight for goal, Toone having to clear. Exciting and fast play took place in the vicinity of Warner's stronghold. but a free kick and a foul transferred operations to mid-field. The relief was only momentary, however, for the home forwards at once returned, and Locker shot through after a fine combined run. The point was appealed against, but in vain.

Notts resumed the attack, and a shot from McInnes was only just headed out. Four minutes from the last score Oswald shot another goal, and then the visitors began to show improved form. The Notts defence, however, was too good for them. Campbell centred with a very good shot, and A. Shelton headed out. Cox cleverly stopped Daft in a fast run, and after Devey had conceded a corner, Hodgetts, who so far had been well looked after by Osborne, got well away along the left and made an excellent centre. Dickson, however, sent it wide.

Oswald sent in two long shots, both being wide of the mark, but twenty-six minutes from the start he dodged Devey and screwed a fine goal.

Locker notched the fourth point immediately the game had been restarted, and those reverses evidently stimulated the Villans to greater efforts than they had yet put forth.

They at once got in front, and Graham shot, the ball striking the crossbar. Toone failed to clear, and Dickson rushing up headed through.

This was the fifth goal scored within half an hour of the start.

For some time the visitors held their own, and A. Brown showed capital form on the right wing. He made two splendid runs, but both were fruitless. In the first case he was not supported, and in the second Osborne wildly kicked the ball over his own goal when he centred. A hot scrimmage followed the corner kick, but Notts relieved, and after Warner had conceded a corner in stopping a low fast shot half-time was called, the score being. Notts, 4 goals ; Aston Villa, 1.

On resuming Warner saved a shot by McInnes, and then, as the visitors were getting nicely away, Devey was hurt. The game was in consequence stopped, but the centre-half was able to continue play in a few minutes.

The Villans began to look dangerous when McLean cleared, and then A. Brown was given off-side after a smart run.

The visitors were, however, now having the best of the game, the forwards displaying considerably improved form.

Hodgetts made a good run, but try as they would he and his colleagues in the front division could not break down the defence. After Evans had cleverly stopped Daft and Locker in mid-field, the home players again became aggressive Locker shot in from a scrimmage, and the ball struck the inside of the crossbar and dropped down. Warner then fisted out, but Notts claimed that the leather had been over the line, and the referee allowed a goal.

A few minutes later Daft shot through again, but he was ruled to have been offside, and the point was not allowed.

Notts had the best of matters for some time, and Evans and Cox had plenty of work. A. Brown and Hodgetts made repeated runs along their respective wings, but the Villa forwards as a whole appeared disorganised and no advantage was taken of these attempts.

Five minutes from the close -McInnes shot through, and, notwithstanding the protests of the visitors, it was held to be a goal.

Rushes from one end of the ground to the other were now frequent. Oswald shot the seventh goal for Notts, and a minute later McGregor shot again, and Notts claimed that Warner put through his own goal. The referee would not allow the point, however, and the game ended Notts 7 goals, Aston Villa 1.