Game #104


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8th (-)

Football League

Blackburn Rovers

Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Attendance: 4,000

Saturday, 13 December 1890

Villa stop a run of two heavy defeats to draw with their foes from the previous match after Albert Allen, opened the scoring.

Aston Villa


Blackburn Rovers

Scorer(s) | Albert Allen | Albert Brown |

Assist(s) | Not recorded


Game #104

Season | 1890-91 |
Matchday | #15 |
League Match | #15 |
Manager Game | #78 |
Saturday, 13 December 1890


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 2-2 |
FT Result | Drew |
Last 5 Games | WWLLD |




Blackburn Rovers

🟨 | Booking
🟥 | Sending off
💥+ | Incidents e.g. penalty awarded

💥- | Incidents e.g. penalty conceded, goal disallowed

💥 | Incidents e.g. refused clear pen

🆘 | Notably poor refereeing performance    


[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 25.25 |

Oldest Player |
D Harry Devey | 30.78 |

Youngest Player |
M George Campbell | 19.88 |


After the thrashing by opponents Blackburn in the last game Albert Allen and Tom McKnight return with Jack Burton whilst Billy Dickson, Jack Graham and Tom Clarkson drop out.


Not recorded


Not recorded


George Ramsay led Management Committee



GK Jimmy Warner |
FB Walter Evans |
D Harry Devey |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
M George Campbell |
M James Brown |
M Jack Burton |
F Albert Allen |
F Albert Brown |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Tom McKnight |


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


Gow, Douglas, Forbes, Barton, Dewar, Forrest, Lofthouse, Campbell, Southworth (g) (g), Hall, Townley.

Manager: Tom Mitchell.

ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


Villa stop a run of two heavy defeats as they draw to sit 8th in the table after 15 games.

Albert Allen, opened the scoring, Saturday, 13 December 1890

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Goal, 1-0, Albert Allen
Goal, 1-1, (Blackburn Rovers), Southworth
Goal, 1-2, (Blackburn Rovers), Southworth
HT Aston Villa 1-2 Blackburn Rovers
Goal, 2-2, Albert Brown
FT Aston Villa 2-2 Blackburn Rovers



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"It was confidently expected that the Villa would make a good fight with the cup-holders, even if they did not succeed in defeating them, and so it proved, for the game ended in a draw after the home team had had much the best of the play."

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Quotation Marks.png

*Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday, 15 December 1890


This League match was played at Perry Barr in the presence of a large number of spectators.

It will be remembered that the clubs met in the League competition for the first time the previous Saturday, and that the Rovers defeated the Villa by 5 goals to 1.

Notwithstanding this it was confidently expected that the Villa would make a good fight with the cup-holders, even if they did not succeed in defeating them, and so it proved, for the game ended in a draw after the home team had had much the best of the play.

The result was certainly very creditable to the Villa, for the club was by no means fully represented. Cox, Graham, and Dickson were absentees, and the result was that the team underwent a rearrangement.

Campbell went back, whilst his place was taken by J. Burton. McKnight played centre, and Allen partnered Hodgetts on the left wing. The substitution of McKnight for Dickson turned out well, for he played splendidly, and is much more useful on account of his superior activity.

Allen did not play so well as Graham would have done, for his shooting was very weak; whilst Campbell is not seen to such advantage as a back as a half-back, his kicking being scarcely strong enough.

The team, however, played very well, and were unfortunate in not beating the strong eleven that represented the Rovers.

The Villa won the toss, and played towards the Wellington Road goal.

Southworth kicked off, and Hodgetts quickly ran the ball down and centred, but it was not improved upon.

Then Townley and Hall broke away, but were pulled up by Evans, and the game was once more fought out in proximity to the Rovers' goal.

A grand centre from Hodgetts came right across the front, but McKnight and Allen overran the ball, and the chance was lost.

It was noticeable that the Villa forwards were playing with splendid combination - a result due to the great judgment shown by McKnight, who fed his wings beautifully, and gave Allen several chances of shooting, which that player threw away by want of coolness.

It must be confessed, however, that Allen played very well in the field, and at length retrieved his mistakes by scoring with a very slow oblique shoot, which struck the post and glanced through goal. The result was received with tremendous cheers.

The Rovers now played considerably better than before, and dashing up the field beat the Villa backs and equalised, Southworth making the shot.

The game then became very exciting, Gowe saved his goal brilliantly on several occasions, and then Warner's turn came.

A fine shot came to him from Townley, but he just managed to get it away.

A moment later Townley made another run, and again centred well, and Southworth rushing up placed the Rovers ahead.

The Villa afterwards had the best of the play, and a sharp shot from McKnight struck Gow in the chest. Before he could recover himself, the Villa centre-forward pushed the goalkeeper and the ball quite a foot under the bar, and a general appeal was made for a goal.

Mr. Bentley, however, was too far away to judge whether the ball was under or not, and consequently would not allow the point.

This was very hard luck for the Villa, for the goal was undoubtedly a splendid one.

The Villa tried hard to equalise, but at half-time ware a goal to the bad.

On recommencing play, the Villa at once took up the aggressive, and McKnight tried a long shot, but the ball went over.

Then the Rovers made a rush towards the Villa goal and Southworth seemed likely to score, but Campbell harassed him, and ultimately forced him to kick outside.

The game was certainly in favour of the Villa for the next ten minutes, but Gow saved brilliantly time after time, and at length Southworth raised the siege, and wound up a fine run by a grand low shot which went a foot wide of the posts.

This diversion had the effect of making the play more equal for a few minutes; but at length the Villa once more took the upper hand, and a shot from Albert Brown equalised the game amidst much enthusiasm.

Stimulated by this success the Villa played grandly, and with the exception of an occasional break-away the Rovers were submitted to an incessant attack.

Their goal however, was grandly defended by Forbes, Douglas, and Gow, and notwithstanding the Villa's utmost effort was kept intact to the finish, and the match thus ended in a draw of 2 goals each.

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