Game #7



1st Round

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FA Cup 1st Round

Nottingham Forest

Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Attendance: 6,000

Saturday, 5 November 1881

Villa face Forest in the FA Cup for the second successive season and record a handsome win at Wellington Road.

Aston Villa


Nottingham Forest

Scorer(s) | Arthur Brown | William Crossland | Olly Whateley | Arthur Brown |

Assist(s) | Howard Vaughton


Game #7

Season | 1881-82 |
Matchday | #1 |
Manager Game | #7 |
Saturday, 5 November 1881


Manager | Management Committee |
FT Score | 4-1 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | WWWLW |


[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 24.30 |

Oldest Player |
M Sammy Law | 31.86 |

Youngest Player |
F Olly Whateley | 20.26 |


Olly Whateley comes in for his FA Cup debut whilst Andy Hunter misses the game due to family bereavement.


Not recorded


Not recorded




GK George Copley |
D Ted Lee |
D Harry Simmonds |
D Jim Dawson |
D Tommy Pank |
M Sammy Law |
M Eli Davis |
F Howard Vaughton |
F William Crossland |
F Arthur Brown |
F Olly Whateley |


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


Sands, Hancock, Luntley W, Luntley E, Parr, Unwin, Earp, Gunn, Widdowson, Norman (g), Gouthorpe.

Manager: Harry Radford.

ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on

Olly Whateley scored on his debut, 5 November 1881

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1’ Debut, Jim Dawson, Olly Whateley
Player retired injured, (Nottingham Forest)
Goal, 0-1, (Nottingham Forest), Norman
Goal, 1-1, Arthur Brown
HT Aston Villa 1-1 Nottingham Forest
Goal, 2-1, William Crossland
Goal, 3-1, Olly Whateley, Assist by Howard Vaughton
Goal, 4-1, Arthur Brown
FT Aston Villa 4-1 Nottingham Forest


Villa face Forest in the FA Cup for the second successive season and record a handsome win at Wellington Road as defender Jim Dawson & forward Olly Whateley made their FA Cup debuts for Villa.

Meanwhile, goalkeeper George Copley and forward William Crossland made their final FA Cup appearances for Villa having made 5 and 10 appearances respectively.


“At all times Interesting.”


Villa Boy.png


*Birmingham Daily Mail*
Monday 07 November 1881



At all times Interesting, the encounter between these old opponents at Perry Barr possessed additional attractions from the fact that It was to decide the most important tie In the first round of the above competition, both clubs being among the best entered for the trophy.

The Nottingham club was represented by its best eleven, but the Villa were minus the services of their captain, Andy Hunter, who was absent In Scotland owing to family bereavement.

Unfortunately the weather proved unfavourable, raining heavily in the morning, while, although it cleared up a bit towards afternoon, it came on again just as the game commenced and a good portion of the play was carried on in a perfect downpour.

Under these circumstances the attendance, which reached about 2,000, was remarkably good.

The teams entered the field shortly before half-past 3, the Villa appearing a diminutive lot beside their opponents, who were a powerful looking team.

Having lost the toss. Brown started the ball for the home up hill and against a slight breeze.

At the outset the visitors came with a rush, and Pank was useful in repelling a dangerous shot; while from a well-placed corner Simmonds cleverly warded off the danger.

An excellent passing run, in which Brown. Crossland, and Whateley were conspicuous, caused Sands to use his hands, while Dawson backing up well was forced to repeat the experiment.

For the next few minutes the Foresters, headed by Earp, Wlddowson, and Gowthorpe made matters lively for the Villa backs, and from a couple of corners Copley used his hands with good effect.

Brown. Whateley, Davis, and Dawson returned the visit, but Hancock stopped them in time.

Just after this W. Luntley unfortunately slipped up on the soft, treacherous ground and sprained his leg which caused his retirement; and although he afterwards tried on two occasions to resume, he found it impossible to play, so that for the greater part of the game the Forest played with ten men.

After this unfortunate occurrence the Forest who had started to play an unnecessarily heavy game — moderated considerably in this direction, much to the advantage of all concerned. Notwithstanding their loss, the Foresters for the next few minutes pressed the Villa, Earp and Gowthorpe each having an unsuccessful shot, and Earp again getting well on the ball, crossed nicely to Norman, who shot it past Copley, thus scoring the first goal after 20 minutes’ play.

Upon resuming. E. Lantley checked a fine run Brown, Vaughton, Davis, and Whateley, and then Gowthorpe and Norman came away well, but Simmonds, Law, and Pank each in turn put in useful work, and Davis securing the ball made a fine run and shot, Sands saving well.

At this point Davis was playing very finely, and another fine shot from him was well saved by Sands.

Still pressing the Forest, some good passing by the Villa forwards left Brown with the ball, and eluding all opposition that player with a low shot made matters equal.

Shortly afterwards Whateley passed to Vaughton, who sent it through, but this goal was disallowed, Whateley being undoubtedly off side.

From now until half-time the Villa had the best of the exchanges but no further score was made.

Runs on either side followed the change. Sands having to kick, while Gunn shot over the Villa bar and then Davis threw in well, and out of the scrimmage which ensued In front of the Notts posts, Crossland scored a second goal to the Villa.

Not long after this Norman passed to Gowthorpe, who had a clear run for the Villa goal, and finished a fast run by landing the leather safely through; only, however, for the point to disallowed on the plea of off side.

A few minutes later Vaughton ran the ball down, and Whateley sent it past Sands.

Just after Whateley again sent the ball through, but this point was not allowed on the ground of off side.

For the next few minutes the backs on either side were kept hard at work, Hancock, E. Luntley, Slmmonds and Lee kicking very finely.

During the last few minutes the play was very fast and exciting; Brown, by clever play once more got the ball under the Notts bar, but again the point was disallowed on the ground of off side.

The Forest now made a last effort, and Simmonds, hard pressed, gave a corner from which Vaughton came away splendidly, and Davis backing up. Parr only just managed to stop them in time, but Whateley got the leather and shot over the bar.

Immediately after Brown fastened on the ball, and dodging and drilling In fine form, scored a splendid goal just time was called, the Villa thus winning by 4 goals to 1.

It is difficult estimate to what extent Luntley’s absence affected his comrades, but as things stood the Villa fairly ran round their heavy opponents.

The winners have rarely played better, Brown. Davis, and Vaughton forward, and Simmonds and Lee behind, playing finely. Brown In particular being in brilliant form.

For the Forest Hancock played a first-class back, always getting kicks; E. Luntley also worked hard behind. Earp, Widdowson and Gowthorpe did well forward; but the passing of the forwards generally requires greater precision order to become effective.


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