Game #15


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4th Round

FA Cup 4th Round

Walsall Town

Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Attendance: 5,000

Saturday, 27 January 1883

Olly Whateley, instrumental in sending Villa through to the fifth round for the first time after they fielded their first ever unchanged line up.

Aston Villa


Walsall Town

Scorer(s) | Andy Hunter | Arthur Brown | 55' |

Assist(s) | Not recorded


Game #15

Season | 1882-83 |
Matchday | #4 |
Manager Game | #15 |
Saturday, 27 January 1883


Manager | Management Committee |
FT Score | 2-1 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | WWWWW |




Walsall Town

🟨 | Booking
🟥 | Sending off
💥+ | Incidents e.g. penalty awarded

💥- | Incidents e.g. penalty conceded, goal disallowed

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🆘 | Notably poor refereeing performance    


[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 22.76 |

Oldest Player |
M Eli Davis | 27.18 |

Youngest Player |
F Andy Hunter | 18.50 |



Villa name an unchanged line up for the first time in 15 games.


Not recorded


Not recorded


Management Committee



GK Tommy Mason |
D Joe Simmonds |
D Charles Apperley |
WH David Anderson |
FB Richard Harvey |
M Eli Davis |
F Andy Hunter |
F Howard Vaughton |
F Archie Hunter |
F Arthur Brown |
F Olly Whateley |


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


Keay, Reynolds, Newman, Collington, Taylor, Dodsworth, Arblaster, Hill, Bradbury, Boyd, Harrison.

ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


Villa fielded their first ever unchanged line up in the FA Cup as they qualified for the 5th Round of the competition for the first time. Meanwhile, full back Richard Harvey made his final FA Cup appearance for Villa.

Olly Whateley, instrumental in sending Villa through to the fifth round for the first time, Saturday, 27 January 1883.

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Goal, 0-1, (Walsall Town), Hill
Goal, 1-1, Andy Hunter
HT Aston Villa 1-1 Walsall Town
55’ Goal, 2-1, Arthur Brown
FT Aston Villa 2-1 Walsall Town



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"The ground was in a wretched state from the recent disagreeable weather, being covered with treacherous layer of slush and snow, which altogether militated against scientific play."

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Quotation Marks.png

*Birmingham Daily Mail*
Saturday, 27 January 1883




This important local contest in the fourth round of the competition for the National Challenge Cup, and which is really the final tie between the clubs in the immediate district of Birmingham, came off this afternoon at Perry Barr, in the presence of a very large crowd of spectators.

The ground was in a wretched state from the recent disagreeable weather, being covered with treacherous layer of slush and snow, which altogether militated against scientific play. Speculation in football circles on the result of the match has for some time been of the liveliest character.

While the Villa have on some occasions this season shown somewhat mediocre form, the Walsall Club have been rapidly coming to the front, and their victories over the Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday have caused their pretensions to be regarded with the highest respect, even against the crack Villa team.

Conscious of the strength of their opponents, the Villa have for three weeks past been in strict training, and the result of their assiduous practice was manifested a week ago the by play of the regular first eleven men against the Derby Midland.

The following were the teams : —

Walsall Town : Goal, W. Keay; back. S. Reynolds : three quarter back, E. J. Newman; half backs, G. Collington (right), H. Taylor (centre), W. Dodsworth (left); forwards, S. Arblaster and C. Hill (right wing), S. Bradbury {centre), W. Boyd and H. Harrison (left wing);

Umpire, Mr. J. Adams.

Aston Villa ; Goal, T. Mason ; backs, J. Simmonds (right), A. Harvey (left); halfbacks, D, R. Anderson (right), C. Apperley (left); forwards, Andy Hunter and O. Whateley (right); Arthur Browne and Archie Hunter (centres) ; H. Vaughton and E. Davis (left wing).

Umpire, Mr. W. Mason.
Referee, the Rev. F. Marshall.

Both clubs, it will be seen, were fully represented. At the time arranged for the commencement of play the field was a perfect quagmire, several large pools of water being in the upper part, while the approach to both goals was soft and sloppy. A strong wind blew across the field.

The Villa lost the toss, and had to play against the wind. Archie kicked off, and Bradbury passing to Arblaster, that player sent it down, and centring well, the Walsallites immediately scored through the instrumentality of Hill.

On resuming play, the ball beaten down by the wind was taken into the Villa quarters, but Apperley returned it to midfield. The wind was at this time blowing great guns towards the Villa goal.

Archie and Vaughton took the ball up the field, where it was fouled by Collington in front of goal. The left wing Walsall forwards got it away, and Bird put a beautiful centre, which Mason saved, and then Archie and Andy, with fine passing, got right up field, and a shot by the latter all but scored, Andy then took the kick, and Arblaster got away; Harvey returned it, but gradually the Walsall men worked down to mid field, the pools of water stopping the ball, and Bird kicked over the Villa lines. From mid-field Collington threw the ball, aided by the wind over the Villa line, and Vaughton with Davis showed some splendid passing. Apperley also backed well, and Andy Hunter getting a chance put in a bad shot.

A little later, however, a beautiful centre from his foot was well saved by Newman. Bird and Harrison then got away down field and passed all but Harvey, who stopped them and kicked well up field. Taylor at once returned it right into goal, but Simmonds headed it out, and Vaughton dribbled the ball Into mid-field before he was stopped by a pool of water.

A throw-in gave the Walsall men a corner kick, taken by Dodsworth, and Hill headed the ball over the Villa goal. A minute or two after the Walsall men again got down to the goal, and Bird had a good shot just trifle too high. The Villa gradually worked up the field from this, and Brown, taking to the water like a duck, passed to Whateley, and the latter’s shot, direct for goal, was just stopped Newman in time.

The Villa continued to press their opponents, and had much the best of the play, threatening the Walsall goal several times.

The ball once stopped dead in the mud in front of goal, and enabled Newman to get it away. Collington, after a throw in, ran down and kicked it over the Villa lines. A few minutes afterwards Anderson was running to the ball, when Bird ran in and tripped him and a free kick was given.

Some more aquatic football was then witnessed, out of which the Walsallites came best. A magnificent centre by Arblaster came within an ace of scoring. Anderson and Andy Hunter with difficulty freed their goal, and Archie, passing Dan’s, that player had a fine long shot from the wing, the ball just shaving the post.

The Villa next had a look in at the Walsall goal, but Bird and Harrison, owing to mis-kicks by Brown and Simmonds, got right into the Villa position, and a shot by the latter sent ball into Mason’s hands. He almost held it too long, for Bradbury charged him, and was only able to get it a couple of yards from goal, when Harrison returned it, but the goalkeeper managed to punch it out to Davis. The latter took a fine run down the field.

The Villa now pressed their opponents very hard indeed. Archie had a splendid snot, which Newman saved, and one from Whateley went clean into goalkeeper’s hands.

Rain now began to fall heavily. A change now came over the prospects of the game. Right from the Villa goal the ball sent out to Andy Hunter, who took it along the wing, and when tackled by Dodsworth, he passed in and up-field Whateley sprinting up dodged Newman and got right in, but Reynolds stopped his shot. Andy at once returned the ball to the front of goal and being in position scored, Keay having left his position to save the shot from Whateley.

This was just within the call of half-time. Immense cheering hailed the first goal of the Villa, who had been playing a magnificent uphill game with wind and water against them.

Immediately after restarting the Villa forwards bore down on the Walsall goal, and Vaughton, dodging the backs, sent in a pretty shot, which Keay saved. A corner kick followed taken by Andy, and Bird got away, but the wind soon carried the ball out.

For several minutes there was a regular siege of the Walsall goal, several shots were saved, and then by a slice of luck Keay managed to arrest a shot by Brown. The Walsall forwards, by good passing, got to midfield, but Brown dispossessed them, and giving the ball to Archie in front of goal, the latter missed a good chance.

A corner kick by Brown was well met by Whateley, and a fine shot was only kept from scoring by Newman’s body.

The Villa had not long to wait, however, before they asserted their superiority. Anderson passed the ball to Whateley after the Walsall forwards had had a run up field, and in conjunction with Andy, Whateley took the ball right up to the goal, and passing to Brown that player scored the second goal for his side ten minutes after re-starting.

Following up the kick from mid-field, the Walsall forwards managed to get up close to their opponents goal, but they were never dangerous. A smart bit of dodging by Bradbury, however, got the ball clean past the Villa backs, but Bird spoiled the opportunity by running in off-side, and once again the Walsallites had to play a defensive game.

A beautiful shot by Brown from a corner kick was met splendidly by Keay. The game now resolved itself into nothing else but a siege of the Walsall goal.

Again and again the home forwards got right down and as often as they got near the goal so often did Walsall backs play up to the occasion. Keay especially saved his goal with magnificent judgment.

Up till the close of the game the Villa continued to press their opponents, but no further score resulted, and the game finished in favour the Villa 2 goals to 1.

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