Aston Villa (Champions)



Scorer(s) | Billy Dorrell, Billy Dorrell, Dennis Hodgetts, Charlie Athersmith, Bob Chatt

Assists(s) | Not recorded

Game #241

Division One

Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Attendance: 4,000

Saturday, 6 April 1895



Game #241

Season | 1894-95 |
Matchday | #32 |
League Match | #28 |
Manager Game | #215 |
Saturday, 6 April 1895


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 5-0 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | DWWLW |


Starting XI Average Age
| 25.09 |

Oldest Player |
F Dennis Hodgetts | 31.38 |

Youngest Player |
FB Howard Spencer | 19.64 |


Villa make four changes from the team defeated at Bolton with Billy Dorrell, Jimmy Welford, George Russell and Fred Burton returning and Jim Elliott, Jack Reynolds (international duty), George Kinsey and Steve Smith (international duty) making way.


Not recorded


Not recorded




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GK Harry Wilkes |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
FB Jimmy Welford |
FB Howard Spencer |
M George Russell |
M Fred Burton |
W Charlie Athersmith |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Billy Dorrell |
F Bob Chatt |
F Jack Devey |


ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


[Exact chronological timings not recorded]
Goal, 1-0, Billy Dorrell, Assist by Bob Chatt
HT Aston Villa 1-0 Burnley
Goal, 2-0, Billy Dorrell
Goal, 3-0, Dennis Hodgetts
Goal, 4-0, Charlie Athersmith
Goal, 5-0, Bob Chatt
FT Aston Villa 5-0 Burnley


Reigning Champions Villa’s hammer Burnley put their defence of the title is over with Sunderland six points clear at the top of the standings and just 4 points to play for. Villa sit third in the table with Everton in second place.


Bob Chatt, finished the rout, Saturday, 6 April 1895


*The Sporting Life*
Monday 08 April 1895


The Burnley team journeyed to Perry Barr on Saturday to meet the English Cup tie finalists in a League fixture. There was only a very meagre attendance when play commenced, not more than 3,000 spectators lining the ground. Rain had fallen in the morning, but this was superseded in the afternoon by a boisterous gale.

The home team won the toss, and chose to play down hill.

Villa were without Reynolds and Smith, who were playing for their country against Scotland.

M’Knight started the game, and Burnley immediately attacked hotly, but Villa were equal to the occasion, and won a corner, but this, although well taken, proved fruitless.

Burnley now gained a lot ground by some very neat passing, but Spencer and Welford again proved very difficult to pass.

Hodgetts did some clever dodging, and again took the ball into the visitors’ quarters, giving Devey a really good chance, but being rather slow on the ball, failed to take advantage.

The wind was blowing all in the homesters’ favour, and it was not therefore surprising that they had the best of the play, but their bad shooting was again conspicuous, as when they met the West Bromwich Albion recently.

Athersmith, Devey and Hodgetts now gave a good exhibition passing, and after some bombarding at the visitors’ goal, Chatt managed to pass the ball through the net, but the referee blew his whistle for a foul off one of the Burnley men, and consequently the Villa only gained a free kick, which was no advantage, and the ball again went into mid-field.

The Villa now forced the game, and Chatt cleverly headed a goal just before half-time, when the score stood— Aston Villa, one goal; Burnley, none.

When play recommenced, the home team made things pretty lively, and continually bombarded the visitors’ goal, although kicking against a strong wind, and they were now having all the play, and managed to make the final score- Aston Villa, five goals; Burnley, none.

The referee (Mr. Shelton) was late in coming the ground, and Mr. E. W. Cox officiated until his arrival.
*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday 08 April 1895

Now that the Aston Villa have lost all chance of retaining the League championship interest in these contests has declined somewhat, and to this fact, and also to the wretched weather that obtained on Saturday, the smallness of the attendance at Perry Barr may be attributed.

There were only about four thousand spectators present.

Aided by a strong wind in the first half, the 'Villa Pressed heavily, but, the shooting was very weak and ineffective, thanks to which cause the Burnley goal escaped capture until about five minutes before the interval, when Chatt atoned for any mistakes he might have previously made but getting in a grand centre and Dorrell, meeting the ball put it out of the reach of Smith and into the net.

This was the only goal scored before the interval, and considering the strength of the wind against which they now had to play the Villa’s position was not reassuring.

The men themselves doubtless realised this, for they played up splendidly in the second half. They showed all-round improvement in their attack, and the consequence was that they were enabled to score four more goal, Dorrell, Hodgetts, Athersmith, and Chatt kicking the ball into the net.

The shots made by Hodgetts and Athersmith deserve a special mention, for they were brilliant efforts. The Villa sprinter was the best forward on his side on Saturday, making many fine runs and centring excellently, but Hodgetts put in a lot of clever work.

Devey, who played well in the field was sadly wanting in front of goal, whilst Chatt, though uncertain at times in passing, displayed great dash near goal, and shot very well.

Dorrell made several good runs during the course of the game, and his centring on the whole was very accurate.

Cowan again played finely at centre-half, Russell and Burton working untiringly on the wings and Welford and Spencer gave a capital exhibition of full back play, the former’s powerful kicking against the wind exciting much comment.

Wiles had very little to do in goal, but he deserves a word of praise for one save which he effected in the second half.