Game #197

Division One

Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Attendance: 12,500

Tuesday, 26 December 1893


Aston Villa



Scorer(s) | Charlie Athersmith, Dennis Hodgetts, Jack Reynolds, Dennis Hodgetts, Jack Devey, Albert Brown, Dennis Hodgetts, Charlie Athersmith, Jack Devey

Assists(s) | Not recorded


Game #197

Season | 1893-94 |
Matchday | #22 |
League Match | #22 |
Manager Game | #171 |
Tuesday, 26 December 1893


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 9-0 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | WWWLW |


Starting XI Average Age
| 25.63 |

Oldest Player |
F Albert Brown | 31.99 |

Youngest Player |
W Steve Smith | 19.96 |


Villa name an unchanged line up from the team that lost for the first time in 7 games last time out.


Not recorded


Not recorded


"The second half commenced in a sensational manner, Hodgetts getting the ball from the kick-off and passing to Devey, who ran straight up the field and scored."




GK Bill Dunning |
D John Baird |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
FB Jimmy Welford |
M Jack Reynolds |
M Willie Groves |
W Charlie Athersmith |
W Steve Smith |
F Jack Devey |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Albert Brown |


ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


[Exact timings not recorded]
Goal, 1-0, Charlie Athersmith
Goal, 2-0, Dennis Hodgetts
Goal, 3-0, Jack Reynolds, Assist by Willie Groves
Goal, 4-0, Dennis Hodgetts
HT Aston Villa 4-0 Darwen
Goal, 5-0, Jack Devey, Assist by Dennis Hodgetts
Goal, 6-0, Albert Brown
Goal, 7-0, Dennis Hodgetts
Goal, 8-0, Charlie Athersmith
Goal, 9-0, Jack Devey
FT Aston Villa 9-0 Darwen


Having only drawn with bottom club Darwen in the reverse fixture, Villa recorded their biggest win of the season to make it 7 wins in 8 games. Villa sat first in the table, 7 points ahead of second placed Burnley having played two games more.


Dennis Hodgetts, hit a hat-trick as Villa recorded the biggest win of the season, Tuesday, 26 December 1893


*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Wednesday 27 December 1893*



The return League match between Aston Villa and Darwen was played at Perry Barr, before about fifteen thousand spectators.

The Villa were represented by the same eleven as on Saturday, but Darwen were without McKnight and Haddow.

The Villa were much too good for their visitors, whom they defeated by 9 goals to 0 - the heaviest scoring that has taken place in a League match this season.

As may be imagined the game throughout was in favour of the Villa, but during the first half hour they were kept from scoring, the 9 goals being obtained in the remaining hour.

Unlike Saturday, the Villa played grandly in front of goal, especially in the last hour. when the forwards shot with deadly precision, and made the best use of all their opportunities.

The passing at times was perfection, and the extreme wing men, Athersmith and Smith, centred in a manner that left nothing to be desired. The former, too, made fine use of his speed, and more than one goal was directly due to his dashing runs. He owed a great deal, however, to his partner, A. Brown, who placed the ball beautifully, and, indeed, played better than he has done for a long time. It is to be hoped that he can maintain his form of yesterday, for the committee then will not have much anxiety about their right wing.

Cowan, Groves, and Reynolds were grand half-backs, and the latter, it should be mentioned, showed a distinct improvement in his shooting.

The backs kicked and tackled finely, whilst Dunning did what work hw had to do excellently.

The Darwen forwards played very indifferently, and the half-backs were not very strong. Orr, the left back, however, kicked with great power, and Kenyon gave a brilliant display of custodianship.

Darwen kicked off up-hill, and the game at once favoured the home team, but they could not penetrate the defence, and a quarter of an hour passed without any score. Maxwell meantime had been conspicuous for a capital run, but a timely rush by Baird robbed him of the ball, which was quickly dribbled to the other end, but was shot over the bar by Brown.

A flying centre by Athersmith - who was playing grandly - gave Devey a clear chance of scoring, but his shot was miserably weak.

The Villa continued to press, and from a pretty centre by Smith, Brown shot the ball through, but was clearly off-side when he received it.

Reynolds was cheered for cleverly placing the ball into goal, and for making a shot which just cleared the post.

Several corners were gained by the Villa, but they could not force the ball through, and the visitors, breaking away, made a short attack on the home team’s goal, but the defence of Welford and Baird proved too good for them.

From a goal-kick the Villa came away in fine style and Albert Browvn put the ball past Orr. Athersmith raced with the back, easily beat him, and, steadying himself at the right moment, shot a grand goal. It was a lovely bit of play and was deservedly cheered by the crowd.

This success encouraged the Villa, who attacked again, and Hodgetts scored a second point amidst loud applause.

The Villa were now playing in fine style, and the dash which was sadly wanting on Saturday was present in a marked degree.

The result was that in the next five minutes Reynolds shot a third point, and Hodgetts rushed a fourth.

Reynolds scored as the result of a pretty pass by Groves, but the goal obtained by Hodgetts was distinctly traceable to Athersmith’s dashing play.

The Villa pressed severely up to the interval, but did not improve their score.

The second half commenced in a sensational manner, Hodgetts getting the ball from the kick-off and passing to Devey, who ran straight up the field and scored.

From the centre-kick the visitors attacked, and Dunning for the first time in the match had to use his hands.

Play, however, was soon taken to the other end, and Albert Brown scored a sixth point.

The centre-kick only afforded momentary relief to the visitors, whose goal was again strongly besieged, and Kenyon saved wonderfully well on many occasions.

Even his skill, however, could not long hold the Villa in check, for, after a determined assault, Hodgetts shot the seventh point.

Kenyon was cheered for saving a fine shot from Albert Brown, who was playing with great cleverness and dash.

At length Smith forced a corner, after a brilliant individual run, and taking the kick himself placed the ball, well in front of goal. It was kicked out, but Reynolds pulled it over his head, and Renyon, when reaching to stop it, was charged through by Athersmith.

From a fine run and centre by the same player Devey shot the ninth goal.

The Villa tried hard to increase their score, but failed, and thus won by 9 goals to 0.