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Game #186

Saturday, 21 October 1893

Attendance: 15,000


Division One

West Bromwich Albion


Stoney Lane

Jack Devey scored a brace to help Villa see off Albion and record their biggest win of the season to win their first game in three matches,

West Brom


Aston Villa

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Jack Devey, scored a brace to help Villa see off Albion, Saturday, 21 October 1893




[Exact timings not recorded]
11’ Goal, 1-0, Jack Devey
12’ Goal, 2-0, Charlie Athersmith
22’ Goal, 3-0, Albert Woolley
Goal, 4-0, Jimmy Cowan
Goal, 4-1, (West Bromwich Albion)
Goal, 5-1, Charlie Hare
HT West Bromwich Albion 1-5 Aston Villa
46’ Goal, 5-2, (West Bromwich Albion)
Goal, 5-3, (West Bromwich Albion)
Goal, 6-3, Jack Devey
FT West Bromwich Albion 3-6 Aston Villa


Villa record their biggest win of the season to win their first game in three matches,

Aston Villa

West Bromwich Albion


West Bromwich Albion

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Season | 1893-94 |
Matchday | #11 |
League Match | #11 |
Manager Game | #160 |
Saturday, 21 October 1893


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 6-3 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | LWDDW |




West Bromwich Albion

All the matches refereed by:


Villa make two changes from the team that drew with Stoke as John Baird and Willie Groves return for Jim Elliott and Bob Chatt.


Starting XI Average Age
| 25.06 |

Oldest Player |
F Dennis Hodgetts | 29.92 |

Youngest Player |
W Charlie Athersmith | 21.46 |



George Ramsay led Management Committee

Aston Villa

GK Bill Dunning |
D John Baird |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
FB Jimmy Welford |
M Jack Reynolds |
M Willie Groves |
W Albert Woolley |
W Charlie Athersmith |
F Jack Devey |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Charlie Hare |

West Bromwich Albion


No Substitutions permitted in period



No Substitutions permitted in period







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Player Abbreviations:

GK : Goalkeeper

LB, RB, FB : Left Back, Right Back, Full Back

CB, D : Centre Back, Defender

M, W : Midfielder. Winger

F, CF : Forward, Centre Forward

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"There must have been nearly 15,000 spectators present. The majority came from Birmingham and the success of the Villa was loudly cheered."

*The Sheffield Independent*
Monday, 23 October 1893


Playing on their own ground. West Bromwich Albion were handicapped by the absence of two of their regular players, but Aston Villa, more fortunate, were fully represented.

There was an immense attendance.

Three corner kicks, tow to Aston Villa and one to the Albion came to nothing and then J. Devey scored for the Villa, the game having only been in progress 11 minutes.

This early success was followed at once by a second goal, kicked by Athersmith - and 10 minutes later Woolley obtained a third.

Cowan added a fourth and then Perry, by a very fine kick, scored for West Bromwich. Hare, however, put the ball through once more for Aston Villa who led at half time by 5 goals to 1.

Within about a minute of kicking off again a second point was scored for West Bromwich.

Encouraged by this success, the home side pressed hard, and ager a time M’Leod out the ball through for them. In the subsequent play Bassett and M’Leod were conspicuously good, but their efforts met with no reward.

Amidst great cheering Devey kicked another goal for Aston Villa, who won the match 6-3.
*Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser*
Monday 23 October 1893

West Bromwich Albion v. Aston Villa.

Played at West Bromwich, before 10,000 spectators.

From the kick-off the Albion broke away and Dunning was early called upon, and then Athersmith and Hare raced the full length of the field, but the former shot a trifle wide.

Soon after he scored and the visitors pressing, notched another point. Still pressing, again the Throstles' fortress fell, and before the whistle sounded for the interval the score was—Aston Villa, five goals ; West Albion, one goal.

Changing ends the Villa pressed, but the Albion getting possession made a splendid try, which Dunning punched out, and Geddes meeting it shot the second goal for the Albion.

Wooley next got possession and shot, Nicholson saving in fine style.

The Albion had a hot scrimmage in goal, and a corner fell to their lot, but they failed score. The Albion still kept pressing. Dunning saving fine style.

The Villa now woke up, Devey just shaving the bar. Again Villa pressed their opponents, Hare shooting fine style.

The leather was passed to Bassett, who then made a fine run, and passed to M'Leod, who scored with a shot.. The Albion still kept pressing, giving the Villa defence plenty of work. A foul against the Villa looked dangerous, but Devey scored just before the close. Final Score :. Villa 6 Albion 3 West Bromwich Albion
*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday 23 October 1893 *


To-Day will be a memorable day in the football world. Shortly after noon there is a meeting of the League, then follows the McGregor testimonial match between Sunderland and Aston Villa, whilst in the evening there will be feasting and merry making.

The meeting of the League was to have been all-important, inasmuch as the summer wages question was down for discussion, and many hoped that a decision would be arrived at. But that can scarcely be looked for as the result of to-day’s meeting unless, indeed, all the delegates from the various clubs are perfectly unanimous in their opinion. Courtesy to their former president will demand the presence of the representatives at the benefit match, and an hour and a half, the time at the disposal of the meeting, will scarcely suffice for the settlement of such a burning question as that of the payment of summer wages to professionals. That, at least, is the opinion of several members with whom we have had an opportunity of conversing, and the question will have to be adjourned. Could not the League continue their sitting tomorrow? The whole day will then be before them, and the question can be thoroughly threshed out and some definite course decided upon.

The match which is to be played at Perry Barr will probably draw one of the best Monday gates on record, for the sale of tickets has been very large. The visits of Sunderland have always been popular, and to-day’s should be at doubly-so. No name is more honoured amongst footballers than that of the beneficiary who has worked heart and soul for the advancement of the great winter game.

The Villa will to-day be represented by the same eleven that won so handsomely at West Bromwich on Saturday, whilst Sunderland will be fully represented. Fine weather will ensure a splendid game.

Heavy scoring was the rule on Saturday, and in two of the matches - namely, Aston Villa v. West Bromwich Albion, and Everton v. Darwen, the ball was put into the net nine times. In the first case, however, the winning club were credited with six goals, and the losers with three.

The directors of West Bromwich Albion must have been delighted at the appearance of their ground on Saturday, for when the match commenced all the available accommodation was taken up and there must have been nearly 15,000 spectators present. The majority came from Birmingham and the success of the Villa was loudly cheered. That the better side won no one will deny, but at one period of the game the supporters of the Villa, despite the substantial lead held by their favourites, were far from easy, and it was not till the sixth goal was scored that the match was won.

The Albion, always noted for their pluck and determination, never played a pluckier game than they did on Saturday. In the first half they were manifestly outclassed. The Villa, who have rarely been seen to such advantage, played grandly. The forwards were a perfect combination, whilst the half-backs, Groves, Cowan, and Reynolds, could not have played better, and it would indeed be hard to find their equals on Saturday’s form. The backs, too, were safe, kicking and tackling with rare judgment, whilst Dunning maintained his reputation as a goal-keeper.

Five goals to one fairly represented the play in v the first half. A total like that would have disheartened many teams, but not so the Albion. Getting advantage of the slope they played with great dash and determination, and for fully twenty-five minutes they pressed incessantly. During this time they succeeded in scoring twice, the first being a lucky goal, but the second was the result of a grand shot by McLeod, who was quite twenty-five yards away when he banged the ball in the net, and Dunning had no chance with the shot.

The Albion attack showed what a really fine defence the Villa now possess, Baird and Welford playing a great game, whist Dunning’s cleverness in goal was repeatedly cheered. The Villa, who were probably tired by their efforts in the first half, came again towards the finish, and a goal by John Devey put the result beyond all doubt.

The winners, as before mentioned, performed brilliantly, especially in the first half, and on that form there are few, if any, teams that could beat them. Hodgetts and Woolley, on the left, were very clever; John Devey played one of the best games we have seen him play for a long time, feeding his wings with commendable skill - whilst Hare and Athersmith were a splendid pair. The Villa halves tackled irreproachably, and in the first half Groves fairly had the measure of a Bassett and McLeod. He tired a little in the second half, and was scarcely so successful; but the experiment of playing him half-back was justified by the result.

The backs and goal-keeper we have before referred to. On the Albion side McLeod and Geddes were most conspicuous, whilst C. Perry, and, in the second half, his brother Tom, were seen to great advantage. The latter, in the first three-quarters of an hour, was beaten again and again by Hodgetts and Woolley, but he afterwards improved,-and held them fairly in check. Nicholson was a dashing back, whilst John Horton displayed wonderful speed and judgment. Reader, however, has been seen in better form.

It is interesting to notice that of their last four matches, all away from home, the Villa have won two and drawn two, a performance on which they deserve to be congratulated.