Aston Villa



Scorer(s) | Albert Brown, Lewis Campbell, Jack Devey

Assists(s) | Not recorded

Game #153

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Division One

Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Attendance: 7,000

Monday, 10 October 1892


Game #153

Season | 1892-93 |
Matchday | #9 |
League Match | #9 |
Manager Game | #127 |
Monday, 10 October 1892


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 3-2 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | LLLLW |


Starting XI Average Age
| 26.40 |

Oldest Player |
F Albert Brown | 30.78 |

Youngest Player |
W Charlie Athersmith | 20.43 |


Villa make one change with Tom Clarkson coming in for George Campbell.


Not recorded


Not recorded


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GK Bill Dunning |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
FB Arthur Stokes |
FB Walter Evans |
M Tom Clarkson |
M James Brown |
W Lewis Campbell |
W Charlie Athersmith |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
F Jack Devey |
F Albert Brown |


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


[Exact timings not recorded]
2’ Goal, 1-0, Albert Brown
Missed penalty kick (Stoke)
HT Aston Villa 1-0 Stoke
Goal, 1-1, (Stoke)
Goal, 1-2, (Stoke)
Goal, 2-2, Lewis Campbell
87’ Goal, 3-2, Jack Devey
FT Aston Villa 3-2 Stoke


Villa secure their first win in 6 games to end a run of five successive defeats.

Wing half Tom Clarkson made his final appearance for Villa aged 27 before moving on to Oldbury Town.


Jack Devey, scored Villa's first winner in six games, Monday, 10 October 1892

Jack Devey, scored Villa's first winner in six games, Monday, 10 October 1892


*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Tuesday 11 October 1892


The return League fixture between these clubs was played at Perry Barr. A heavy shower fell just before the start but there was nevertheless a large number of spectators present.

Stoke kicked off up hill and were immediately compelled to fall back before a good attack by the Villa. Three shots were sent into goal and all were saved by Rowley. Stopping the last, however, he failed to get the ball clear and A. Brown rushing up scored two minutes from the start.

From the centre kick Stoke attacked but were kept out by the Villa backs and the Perry Barr forwards once more became dangerous. Some grand passing was witnessed, but the run was spoiled by L. Campbell getting offside.

Stoke then passed the half-way line, but were robbed by Evans and the Villa forwards again made a fine run. Near goal Cowan shot, but Clare kicked out, and gave a corner-kick which the Villa could turn to no advantage.

The wet ground afforded a very precarious footing to the players, but the Villa men-seemed more at home than their opponents, and did most of the attacking.

From a shot by Athersmith, Rowlay gave another corner-kick, but, like the first, it yielded no result.

Then the Stoke forwards made a very pretty run, and Schofield shot. but Dunning saved well, and once more the fight was waged around the Stoke goal. Two more corner kicks were conceded, but both were rendered abortive by the fine defence of Underwood and Clare.

A grand shot by Athersmith was put over the bar by Rowley, who was cheered for his skill in saving his goal.

A moment later John Devey made a brilliant run, but he was hampered, and his shot was a weak one and twisted across goaL Athersmith reached the ball and tried to redirect it into goal, but just failed to do so.

After they had warded off several most dangerous attacks the Stoke men assumed the aggressive, and Dunning in turn saved a deadly shot from Dickson.

Some splendid play by A. Brown enabled Athersmith to centre, but Derey headed over. The Villa did bulk of the attacking but failed to get through, and just before the interval Stoke were awarded a penalty kick. It was well taken by Scholefieid, but amidst great cheering- Dunning prevented a score.

The referee's whistle was heard just afterwards, and the Villa crossed over a goal to the good.

On restarting Stoke, who had the advantage of the wind, made a couple or strong attacks on the Villa goal, which was preserved inviolate by the coolness and skill of Dunning.

Then Rowley saved two shots, one from Cowan and the other from Athersmith in excellent style.

Stoke once more attacked, and from a foul close In goal Dickson equalised.

Immediately afterwards Scholefield broke away and shot in to Dunning. He stopped the ball, but it slipped from his, hands, and ere he could reach it again Evans put it into the net, and gave Stokes the lead.

These reverses put the Villa on their mettle, and they attacked with great persistency, but Rowley saved his charge time after time, his defence being magnificent.

Stoke at length relieved the pressure, and Dunning gave a corner-kick, but it yielded no further result.

Then the Villa again pressed, and after Rowley had twice put the ball out L. Campbell equalised, amidst great cheering.

A few minutes only remained for play and a draw seemed inevitable, but just before the whistle was blown Villa scored a third goal, and the Villa won, amidst the greatest excitement, by 3 goals to 2.
*The Sporting Life*
Tuesday 11 October 1892


Played at Perry Barr yesterday (Monday), in miserable weather, before 5,000 spectators. Villa, playing down the slope, at once assumed the aggressive, Rowley in the first minute saving four shots in splendid fashion, but a fast one from A. Brown few minutes later got past him and put the first goal on for the home team.

Nothing further was done up to half time, the teams crossing over with the Villa leading one goal to nothing.

In the second half Dickson and Turner showed some pretty passing. Dunning saving the final shot with difficulty.

Still continuing press, Stoke secured a free kick, from which Dickson scored. Encouraged by this success, the visitors attacked in most determined manner. Evans adding another five minutes afterwards.

The home team then woke up. and after some splendid work by Rowley, Campbell got a second goal; and Devey after some desperate work, putting on third, three minutes before time. Villa won closely contested game by three goals to two.