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Game #133

Saturday, 9 January 1892

Attendance: 5,000


Football League

Derby County


Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Jack Devey opened the scoring as Villa bounce back from three successive defeats with a resounding victory.

Aston Villa


Derby County

Assists(s) | Not recorded


Jack Devey, opened the scoring, Saturday, 9 January 1892




[Exact timings not recorded]
7’ Goal, 1-0, Jack Devey
Goal, 2-0, Billy Dickson
Goal, 3-0, Dennis Hodgetts
HT Aston Villa 3-0 Derby County
Goal, 4-0, Lewis Campbell
Player retired injured, James Brown
Goal, 5-0, Lewis Campbell
Goal, 6-0, Charlie Athersmith
FT Aston Villa 6-0 Derby County


Villa bounce back from three successive defeats with a resounding victory over a Derby side who inflicted their first defeat of the season in October.

Aston Villa

Derby County


Derby County

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Season | 1891-92 |
Matchday | #20 |
League Match | #20 |
Manager Game | #107 |
Saturday, 9 January 1892


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 6-0 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | WLLLW |




Derby County

All the matches refereed by:


James Brown returns with Walter Evans dropping out.


Starting XI Average Age
| 25.14 |

Oldest Player |
D Harry Devey | 31.85 |

Youngest Player |
W Charlie Athersmith | 19.68 |



George Ramsay led Management Committee

Aston Villa

GK Jimmy Warner |
CB Jimmy Cowan |
D Harry Devey |
D John Baird |
D Frank Coulton |
M James Brown |
W Lewis Campbell |
W Charlie Athersmith |
F Jack Devey |
F Dennis Hodgetts |
CF Billy Dickson |

Derby County


No Substitutions permitted in period



No Substitutions permitted in period







Not recorded


Not Recorded

Player Abbreviations:

GK : Goalkeeper

LB, RB, FB : Left Back, Right Back, Full Back

CB, D : Centre Back, Defender

M, W : Midfielder. Winger

F, CF : Forward, Centre Forward

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"The Villa beat their opponents by 6 goals to 0, thoroughly avenging themselves for the defeat they sustained at Derby early in the competition."

*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday, 11 January 1892



The return League match between these teams was played at Perry Barr. The weather was bitterly cold, but there were about five thousand persons present. During the morning a hundred men had been at work on the ground, which was cleared of the snow and was sprinkled well with gravel, so that it presented a fairly good footing to the players.

Through-out the game the Villa overplayed the visitors, and the exhibition given by the forwards was excellent.

F. Coulton played back in place of Evans and acquitted himself capitally.

The Villa beat their opponents by 6 goals to 0, thoroughly avenging themselves for the defeat they sustained at Derby early in the competition.

Brown, of the Villa, was badly kicked on the left side of the head during the second half, and was carried off the field. He was attended by two doctors, and it was found that his ear was cut and bruised.

He soon regained consciousness, however, and no serious results are anticipated.

The Villa kicked off uphill, and by the aid of some good passing took the ball into the visitors' territory. Some clever play on the right enabled Brown to shoot, but Robinson had no difficulty in punching the ball away. It travelled to the left, and Store dashed away at a great; pace; but Baird checked him splendidly, and the home forwards again threaded their way up the field. Near goal they were awarded a free kick for “hands," and Devey, securing an opening, shot the first goal for the Villa, about seven minutes from the start.

From the centre-kick the visitors became dangerous, and Archie Goodall tried a shot, but the ball passed harmlessly outside. The other goal was soon in danger, and Hodgetts after some clever dodging, directed the ball hard and low into the goal, but Robinson saved well.

After some fairly even play the County attacked, and a weak kick by Baird gave J. Goodall a splendid opening, but his shot was lamentably weak. A few moments later the Villa were again pressing, and, from a splendid centre by Louis Campbell, Dickson shot a few inches wide. Then Devey missed a splendid chance by heading too high, and Hldgetts shot outside.

A grand try by Dickson resulted in a corner kick, but the Vila were unable to turn the concession to their advantage. Considering the state of the ground the Villa were playing wonderfully well, and a second goal was rushed through as the result of an accurate centre by Louis Campbell.

Continuing to play a fine forward game; the Villa had much the best of the play, and very shortly after the second success a third was achieved, a lovely shot by Hodgetts completely beating Robinson.

The centre kick only afforded momentary relief to the Derby defenders, as the Villa were soon pressing again, and Athersmith was cheered for a fine shot taken at full swing. It came to the goal-keeper at a stinging speed, but Robinson saved capitally, and shortly afterwards he cleverly prevented Devey scoring, although the Villa forward made tries with his head and his feet.

There can be no denying that the Derby men were simply beaten at every point of the game, and it was rarely that they got near the Villa goal.

Now and again - some pretty passing between the Goodall brothers enabled the forwards to give their defence a rest, but the Villa backs and half-backs had little difficulty in stopping the occasional rushes, on their goal.

At the other end Robinson displayed brilliant resource as a goalkeeper, and was repeatedly cheered by the crowd. At the interval Derby were thus three goals in arrears.

On restarting the Villa at once attacked, and Athersmith spoiled a fine chance by shooting over the bar. Then the visitors ran up, and Archie Goodall made a good shot, which Warner saved, and by doing so touched the ball for the first time in he match.

A second attack quickly followed, and Ekins sent the ball into goal but Warner kicked away. An attempt from the other wing met with no better result, and the Villa once more took the lead, but Devey and Athersmith each shot over the bar.

A moment later, however, they made another attempt, and Athersmith and the goalkeeper collided, the latter going down. The goal was thus left undefended, and Louis Campbell had no difficulty in scoring the fourth point.

A fine attack by the Derby forwards resulted in a foul in goal and much amusement was caused by the tactics of the players. They all came to nought, however, and the defenders at the other end had a busy time of it.

They weathered the attack, and Warner in turn cleverly saved a shot by John Goodall.

A regrettable incident then occurred. J. Brown, the Villa half-back being kicked at the side of his head by Rowlston whilst attempting to head the balL Rowlston foot struck Brown, just under the left ear and the Villa man had to be carried off the field.

The occurrence, it should be mentioned, was purely accidental, and was not the result of any rough play.

Although playing a man short the Villa fairly held their own, and a splendid shot by Louis Campbell skimmed the bar, being scarcely an inch too high.

A fine assault by Derby followed, and Archie Goodall made a shot which struck the crossbar, and Warner cleared from the rebound.

Only about five minutes remained for play but so well did the Villa forwards pass that they succeeded in scoring two more goals. Louis Campbell was credited with the first and Athersmith with the second.

The visitors were, therefore, decisively beaten by 6 goals to 0.