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Walsall Swifts

🟩 10 Nov 1883, FA Cup, Villa 5-1 Walsall Swifts, The Chuckery

FA Cup 1st Round

Scorer(s) | Archie Hunter | Archie Hunter | Olly Whateley | Archie Hunter | Howard Vaughton |

1st Round

Previous 5 vs. Walsall Swifts: 🟩

1’ Debut, Archibald Vale, Tom Riddell, Robert Price
Goal, 1-0, Archie Hunter
HT Walsall Swifts 0-1 Aston Villa
Goal, 2-0, Archie Hunter
Goal, 3-0, Olly Whateley, Assist by Eli Davis
Goal, 4-0, Archie Hunter
Goal, 5-0, Howard Vaughton
Goal, 5-1, Walsall Swifts, Farmer
FT Walsall Swifts 1-5 Aston Villa

Referee: Mr. C. Crump (President Birmingham Association).
Umpires: Messrs. Mason and Stokes.

🟩 21 Oct 1882, FA Cup, Villa 4-1 Walsall Swifts, Wellington Road

FA Cup 1st Round

Scorer(s) | Arthur Brown | Howard Vaughton | Archie Hunter | Arthur Brown |

1st Round

Previous 5 vs. Walsall Swifts: None

1’ Debut, Joe Simmonds, Thomas Bryan, David Anderson, Richard Harvey, Wally Roberts
5’ Goal, 1-0, Arthur Brown
Goal, 2-0, Howard Vaughton, Assist by Arthur Brown
Goal 3-0, Archie Hunter, Assist by Howard Vaughton
HT Aston Villa 3-0 Walsall Swifts
Goal, 3-1, (Walsall Swifts), Lunn
Goal 4-1, Arthur Brown, Assist by Archie Hunter
FT Aston Villa 4-1 Walsall Swifts

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