Game #39



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FA Cup 4th Round


Newcastle West End Ground

Attendance: 3,000

Saturday, 17 December 1887

Albert Brown makes it 20 goals in 13 games as Villa hammer village side Shankhouse to set up "The Great Football Match" between the two best teams in the land - Villa and Preston North End.



Aston Villa (Holders)

Scorer(s) | Archie Hunter | Albert Allen | Archie Hunter | Albert Brown | Tommy Green | Tommy Green | Albert Brown | Dennis Hodgetts | Albert Brown |

Assist(s) | Not recorded


Game #39

Season | 1887-88 |
Matchday | #3 |
Manager Game | #13 |
Saturday, 17 December 1887


Manager | George Ramsay led Management Committee |
FT Score | 9-0 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | WWWWW |


Referee: Thomas Hindle, (Darwen).
Umpires: Messrs Craven (Darlington) and Sloan (Liverpool).


Thomas Hindle



🟨 | Booking
🟥 | Sending off
💥+ | Incidents e.g. penalty awarded

💥- | Incidents e.g. penalty conceded, goal disallowed

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[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 24.64 |

Oldest Player |
F Archie Hunter | 28.25 |

Youngest Player |
D Frank Coulton | 19.89 |


Villa recall Joe Simmonds for his first appearance of the season in place of Harry Devey.


Not recorded


Not recorded


Management Committee | Club Secretary | George Ramsay



GK Jimmy Warner |
D Frank Coulton |
D Gershom Cox |
D Joe Simmonds |
M Harry Yates |
M Jack Burton |
F Albert Brown |
F Tommy Green |
F Archie Hunter |
F Albert Allen |
F Dennis Hodgetts |


No Substitutions permitted in period


No Substitutions permitted in period


Wood, Todd, Brydon, Ritson, Turpin, Reilly, Thompson, Metcalf, Matthews, Hamilton, Hedley.

ex: Also played for the Villa

g: Scored

s/o: Sent off

s-: Sub off; s+: Sub on


Secretary Manager George Ramsay's Villa received a bye in the third Round and so the holders lined up against village side Shankhouse in the fourth Round as they make it seventeen goals without replay in the Cup defence and keep a fourth consecutive FA Cup clean sheet.

Meanwhile, defender Joe Simmonds made his final appearance for Villa.

Albert Brown makes it 20 goals in 13 games as his hat-trick helps Villa brush aside village team Shankhouse, Saturday, 17 December 1887

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8’ Goal, 1-0, Archie Hunter
Goal, 2-0, Albert Allen
Goal, 3-0, Archie Hunter
Goal, 4-0, Albert Brown
HT Shankhouse 0-4 Aston Villa
Goal, 5-0, Tommy Green
Goal, 6-0, Tommy Green
Goal, 7-0, Albert Brown
Goal, 8-0, Dennis Hodgetts
Goal, 9-0, Albert Brown
FT Shankhouse 0-9 Aston Villa



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"The Birmingham men left by the 7.30 train in the evening, after dining with their opponents, and were loudly cheered on their departure. Their play all round was magnificent, and such grand combination has seldom been seen in the North. Archie Hunter and Hodgetts excelled themselves."

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Quotation Marks.png

*The Birmingham Daily Post*
Monday, 19 December 1887


This tie necessitated a journey to Shankhouse - a pit village some ten miles outside Newcastle on Tyne - on the part of the holders of the national trophy; but, for the sake of the “gate” an arrangement was arrived at under which the tie was played on the ground of the West End Club in the coal city.

It was a terribly long journey for the Villa to take and a big effort was made to get the eleven of the village club to Perry Barr but they resolutely declined all overtures, and there was nothing for it but to go north when the Birmingham eleven arrived early on Friday evening, accompanied by a few friends.

The weather was bright and sunny and nearly 8,000 spectators assembled on the ground, many coming from a distance, although unfortunately the North-Easter Railway Company resolutely declined to run excursions.

The Villa played their best team, for Shankhouse was not to be treated lightly, as they are the best side in Northumberland, and are the holders of the County Challenge Cup; and moreover, since their institution they had never been seated in a cup-tie of any kind until Saturday, their progress through the National competition, in which they were playing for the first time, having been marked by good and well-considered play.

The Villa eleven had a good reception, and, winning the toss, they elected to play down the stiffish slope which is an unpleasant feature of the Newcastle West End Ground, and with a strong wind at their backs.

Punctually to time (2.15) Matthews kicked off for the Northumberland side, and the Villa forwards were quickly on the ball which they worked down pretty close to goal, from whence it was dribbled by Metcalfe and Thompson, who were looking formidable, when Cox deprived them of possession.

The next instant Archie Hunter broke through, and Wood, the Shankhouse custodian, had to deal with a hot shot, Hodgetts heading over the bar a moment later.

Time after time the home forwards endeavoured to break away, but invariably without success, and the Villa advance rank held them very tight.

Allen and Hodgetts made a capital run, but they sent the ball over the line, and from the goal kick a loud local cheers proclaimed the fact that Hedley and Hamilton had reached the high ground. They got no further than the half-backs, however, and the latter sending the ball well to the front, Archie Hunter scored with a fine low shot eight minutes from the commencement of the encounter.

From the kick off the visitors sent the ball over the line again, and subsequently a free kick and the Shankhouse half gave Hunter an opportunity, but he just missed it; and Hedley, Hamilton, and Metcalfe put in some good work Shankhouse, Cox upsetting them at the first moment they looked anything like dangerous.

Allen and Hodgetts resumed the attack for the Villa; but Reilly broke up a nice piece of dribbling work, and Matthews, the Shankhouse centre, had a run, but he was not well supported at the moment, and the ball came back for Hodgetts to screw twice for goal, and each time to be cleverly repulsed by Wood.

That custodian had a warm time of it. Green kicked over the crossbar, Hodgetts the next moment hit the post and then Allen rushed goalkeeper and ball through together, and the Villa were in possession of a second point. An appeal for offside was promptly disallowed.

Shankhouse were again pressed, by their men strove pluckily. Thompson and Metcalfe came out of a scrimmage with the ball at their feat; but the half backs - Yates, Simmonds and Burton - were playing a magnificent game and the two forwards in question, speedy though they undoubtedly are, could not pass them; and directly afterwards the Shankhouse custodian had to release a stinging shot.

Ritson averted an attack by Green and Brown and subsequently Hodgetts kicked over the line. Metcalfe and Hedley each made gallant efforts to race up the hill, but Burton on the one hand and Yates on the other stopped each of them, and the Villa side gained “hands” and a corner was allowed out of a scrimmage which came from the free kick.

The kick in from the flag post went behind the goal, and Hedley made a sprint from the goal kick, but was brilliantly tackled by Yates and again the Shankhouse men had too close in in defence of their goal.

The combination of the Villa men was marvellously good, and the country club deserve congratulations for the manner in which they withstood it.

Brown shot past the uprights and Hunter fired over the bar. The backs and half backs of Shankhouse had to work like niggers, and it was wonderful that they were enabled to withstand the brilliant attacks so well as they did.

Wood gave another corner, and from a loose scrimmage in front of goal Dennis Hodgetts headed over. But from the goal kick Hunter was very busy, and he scored a third goal.

The high wind prevented the Villa forwards from showing their best dribbling form, but they worked marvellously well together.

Metcalfe, Thompson and Hedley broke the monotony of the attack, and from a long kick by the latter, Warner dealt with the ball for the first and only time in the first period.

Metcalfe subsequently made a sprint, but could not get through, and Green and Brown coming up the field an instant afterwards, Brown with a magnificent long shot - the shot of the game - scored a fourth goal, and the time for exchanging ends was announced and left the Aston Villa with the commanding lead of 4 goals to none.

The wind had dropped slightly when the sides crossed over, although it was stiff enough to give Shankhouse a decided advantage down the slope.

The Villa, however, opened hostilities, their clever forwards quickly dribbling the ball up the hill. Hedley and Hamilton, however, ran down, and the Villa position was warmly assailed - more warmly than it had been in any previous part of the game.

In fact, Cox and Coulton were equal to their duties, however, and put in some fine long kicks. Brown and Green were besides capable of getting up the hill, and all the forwards showed better dribbling, dodging and passing on the rising ground and anginas the wind than they had when playing the reverse way.

Hagley and Hamilton were very useful for Shankhouse, and the former caused Warner to handle.

But the Villa front rank were soon busy again, and whilst Wood held them at bay in a marvellous way he had presently to grapple with a new form of attack, as Yates, from half back, sent in a couple of stinging shots. All the visiting forwards worked magnificently, and as the game wore on it was obvious that they were superior at all points.

Hodgetts centred the ball for Green to score the fifth point, after the latter had had the ball played back to him, and soon afterwards Hunter brought it with a rush and enabled Green to hit the sixth.

Allen shot a seventh from a run by Brown, Hodgetts made the eighth, and Brown the ninth, the Villa really playing with their opponents at the finish, the final score being - Aston Villa 9 goals, Shankhouse 0.

The Birmingham men left by the 7.30 train in the evening, after dining with their opponents, and were loudly cheered on their departure. Their play all round was magnificent, and such grand combination has seldom been seen in the North. Archie Hunter and Hodgetts excelled themselves.

Shankhouse: Wood (goalkeeper), Todd and Brydon (backs), Ritson, Turpin, and Reilly (half-backs), Thompson and Metcalf (right wing), Matthews (centre), Hamilton and Hedley (left wing).

Aston Villa: Warner (goalkeeper), Coulton and Cox (backs), Yates, Simmonds, and Burton (half-backs), Brown and Green (right wing), Hunter (centre), Allen and Hodgetts (left wing) .

Umpires; Messrs Craven (Darlington) and Sloan (Liverpool). Referee Mr. T. Hindle (Darwen).

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