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Game #12

Saturday, 21 October 1882

Attendance: 5,000


FA Cup 1st Round

1st Round

Walsall Swifts


Wellington Road, Perry Barr

Howard Vaughton scored Villa's second as Walsall swifts were swept aside.

Aston Villa


Walsall Swifts

Assist(s) | Arthur Brown | Howard Vaughton | Archie Hunter |


Howard Vaughton scored Villa's second as Walsall swifts were swept aside, 21 October 1882



1’ Debut, Joe Simmonds, Thomas Bryan, David Anderson, Richard Harvey, Wally Roberts
5’ Goal, 1-0, Arthur Brown
Goal, 2-0, Howard Vaughton, Assist by Arthur Brown
Goal 3-0, Archie Hunter, Assist by Howard Vaughton
HT Aston Villa 3-0 Walsall Swifts
Goal, 3-1, (Walsall Swifts), Lunn
Goal 4-1, Arthur Brown, Assist by Archie Hunter
FT Aston Villa 4-1 Walsall Swifts


Defenders Joe Simmonds and Thomas Bryan, wing half David Anderson, full back Richard Harvey & forward Wally Roberts made their FA Cup debuts as Villa beat Walsall Swifts at Wellington Road.

Aston Villa

Walsall Swifts


Previous 5 vs. Walsall Swifts: | - | - | - | - | - |


Season | 1882-83 |
Matchday | #1 |
Manager Game | #12 |
Saturday, 21 October 1882


Manager | Management Committee |
FT Score | 4-1 |
FT Result | Won |
Last 5 Games | WWLWW |


Referee: Mr. C. Crump (President Birmingham Association).
Umpires: Messrs. Mason and Stokes.



Walsall Swifts


Villa hand FA Cup debuts to Joe Simmonds, Thomas Bryan, David Anderson, Richard Harvey and Wally Roberts.


[Exact birth dates not recorded]

Starting XI Average Age
| 22.66 |

Oldest Player |
M Eli Davis | 26.91 |

Youngest Player |
F Andy Hunter | 18.23 |




Management Committee

Aston Villa

GK Billy Clarke |
D Joe Simmonds |
D Thomas Bryan |
WH David Anderson |
FB Richard Harvey |
F Andy Hunter |
F Howard Vaughton |
F Archie Hunter |
F Arthur Brown |
F Wally Roberts |
M Eli Davis |

Walsall Swifts

Hobson, Aldridge, Sheldon, Yates, Lunn J, Baker, Higgins, Lunn D, Farmer, Davis.


No Substitutions permitted in period



No Substitutions permitted in period







Not recorded


Player Abbreviations:

GK : Goalkeeper

LB, RB, FB : Left Back, Right Back, Full Back

CB, D : Centre Back, Defender

M, W : Midfielder. Winger

F, CF : Forward, Centre Forward

🟢 : Debut 🔴 : Final Game


⚽ | Goal
🔥 | Assist
🔁 | Substitution

🟨 | Booking

🟥 | Sending off

🆘 | Poor refereeing performance


Joe Simmonds
Thomas Bryan
David Anderson
Richard Harvey
Wally Roberts



Not recorded


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”Vaughton … with a capital right screw … scored a second goal to the Villa.”

*Birmingham Daily Mail*
Monday, 23 October 1882



Drawn together in the first round of the above Cup competition, these old opponents met at Perry Barr to decide the same.

Fortunately after a wet morning, the afternoon turned out fine, and a large concourse, fully 6,000 strong, watched the proceedings with great interest.

Both teams were remarkably strong, the Villa leaving out such excellent young players as Whateley and Apperley.

Punctually to time the teams entered the field, Archie Hunter’s re-appearance amongst his old comrades being hailed with evident satisfaction by the supporters of the Villa.

The home team lost the toss and at 3.35 Archie kicked off up hill and against both sun and wind.

The visitors quickly showed to advantage, Higgins and Lunn playing well together, and a smart centre from the former caused Clarke some uneasiness.

Soon after however a miss kick by Sheldon enabled Vaughton and Andy Hunter to gain a corner, which was taken by the latter, and Farmer headed out, but Harvey returned well, and Yates interposing his head the ball fell at Brown’s feet, and he promptly sent it through the Swifts posts, only five minutes from the start.

Nothing daunted by this early reverse, the Swifts played up well. Higgins, Lunn and Farmer being conspicuous in the attack, Harvey also showing good defence; while Clarke kept coolly and well.

Roberts and Davis relieved the pressure, and a couple of corners fell to the Villa without result; a fine run by Lunn at length clearing the Swifts lines, and Farmer was also dangerous until cleverly checked by Simmonds. Brown showed good dodging but Sheldon stopped him, the latter putting in excellent work at this point.

Hereabouts, Archie Hunter secured the ball, and after a short run passed to Brown, who in turn gave it to Vaughton and with a capital right screw the latter scored a second goal to the Villa.

After this the Villa were severely pressed, the Swifts forwards playing in good form, Davis being especially busy; but Clarke displayed excellent judgement and frustrated their efforts.

At length the Swifts sent the ball through, but off-side having been previously given the score was disallowed.

Soon after Clarke ran out and kicked the leather away in the nick of time, and then the Swifts were pressed for a time, the Villa forwards swarming around their goal; but excellent defence by Aldridge, Sheldon and Yates proved effectual and the Villa goal was in turn hotly assailed, a protracted scrimmage occurring in the goal mouth, Clarke being down, and a goal for the visitors seemed certain, but the Villa got the ball away, and then good work by Brown and Archie threatened the Swifts position, while afterwards Roberts had led the ball very cleverly to Davis, that player sent it over the bar.

Clever runs by Higgins and Vaughton were next noticeable, Roberts appearing to miss a good chance from the latter’s pass. The Villa were now showing to great advantage, and after a cool bit of passing between Vaughton and Archie the latter scored a third point with a fast low shot, half time being called just after.

Immediately upon resuming, Harvey kicked the ball against Farmer, and an appeal for “hands” was raised, but the Walsall man continued his run and passing to Lunn that player sent it home; and on appeal the referee allowed the goal.

The Swifts goal was soon besieged but Lunn and Farmer relieved, Clarke cleverly averting a shot from the latter; and immediately after a timely kick from Byram saved a certain goal, and Hobson was soon called upon to avert a smart shot from Eli Davis.

The play continued very fast, the Villa generally having the best of it, and Eli throwing in to Archie he in turn passed to Brown, who just managed to give the ball the necessary touch, and a fourth goal resulted. Upon resuming Roberts put in good work and Hunter headed over while he repeated this performance a moment later, and a shot from Roberts carried away the flag which surmounted the goal post.

The Villa half backs were backing up well, and several goal runs by the Swifts were spoilt by being put off-side. At length however Higgins, Farmer and Davis got away, but Clarke finely saved, but for a few minutes the Villa were hard pressed, Davis and Roberts relieved, and from a centre by Andy, Archie headed over, very close.

During the last few minutes each goal was alternately threatened, but no further advantage was gained by either, the Villa winning by four goals to one.

Throughout, the play was very fast, and both side stayed well to the end.

The Swifts’ forwards play in better form than last season, the passing being closer and the execution neater. Their back division offered stubborn resistance. Yates played splendidly while Aldridge and Sheldon also performed well, although they seem to stick tenaciously in the vicinity of their goal and in our judgement, did not up back enough.

Clarke guarded the Villa goal with excellent judgment, while the back division also played fairly well; but their chief strength lay in the excellent combined play of the forwards, who were all in good form. Vaughton in particular a playing very pretty and skilful game.

Sides: Villa: Goal, W. Clarke; back, J. Simmonds; half backs, T. Bryan, D. R. Anderson, A. Harvey; forwards, Archie Hunter (captain), A. Brown, Andy Hunter, H Vaughton, J Roberts. E. Davis.

Swifts: Goal. C. H. Hobson; backs, A. Aldridge, T. Sheldon; half backs, W. Yates (captain), E. Lunn, J. Baker; forwards, J Higgins. D. Lunn, T. Farmer, R. Davis.

Umpires, Messrs. Mason and Stokes.
Referee, Mr G Crump (President Birmingham Association).